Edit your line breaks, fonts and text style easily

How to get the most out of

First of all: make sure that you use the app like its tutorial says and always convert your text as a last step before posting on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you edit your text after converting it, there is a chance that the line-breaks won't work.

Line breaks

First of all let’s start with the line breaks, since this can be a major pain factor for the regular Instagram users. It's super annoying when you’re trying to add a lot of thoughts to your Instagram / Facebook / Twitter post but you just end up having a big block of text. Instead of that, you can use to add extra line breaks and separate your content in a much nicer way. You can forget using dots or other special characters to create nice spacing. This feature can be helpful when you’re trying to create a big space between your text and your hashtags on Instagram or Twitter.

Instagram line-breaks example

How line breaks can be done with and without

An advice for Instagram users: start your text with a line break so it will appear under your username not right after it - and it will look more neat. Just compare the previous screenshots and you’ll see.


This is a more interesting part than dealing with the line breaks. With you can change the standard fonts to new, more exciting ones in a heartbeat. You can choose from serif, sans serif, gothic and other types by simply selecting your text and converting it with the different buttons.

This way you can highlight important messages, change the feeling of your text or just stand out a bit from the same looking posts.

Beside creating great looking posts, you can use these fonts to create unique Instagram stories, or shake up your bio a bit! Change the font of your name to the nice typewriter font or use a really strong bold italic font. It’s your choice.

Instagram bio example

Instagram Bio examples with custom fonts and spacing

The best thing about these fonts that you can use them on a lot of pages. For example in your LinkedIn bio / description or when posting / commenting on Reddit or Facebook. Just go and try it!

Note: since these are special characters you should watch out for the following stuff:

Text styles

Having text styles on is a convenient feature. You can use them if you forgot to have capital letters in your sentences, want to go full CAPS LOCK with a click or make your caption look like a text of the mocking Sponge Bob meme. tRuSt mE It's sUpEr uSeFuL.

Having the option to change text styles is also nice when you are using a special font, and you want to experiment with the way it looks in capital, lowercase or alternating (please note that some of the fonts doesn’t have capital / lower case option).

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