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Who are we? is a hobby project for a team of two. Martin (@weltlerm) is an enthusiastic developer and Balazs (@balazs_vekony) is a curious online marketer. team

Here is a picture with our friends (we are in the middle)

The idea of came up at the end of 2018, when Balazs got tired of not being able to customize Instagram and Facebook captions for the accounts he was managing at that time.

Having nice looking posts on social media - instead of big, chunky text blocks - is a nice touch, because it not only looks better, but it also makes you able to highlight, emphasize and outline captions, which is important when you want to deliver meaningful messages.

We have a lot of new ideas, that can help bloggers and online marketers with their work, but since it's only a free-time activity for us, we have to find resources (mostly time) to add new features. If you have any specific request or feedback, please email us - we are always happy to have your feedback!